Our name is derived from the Sanskrit word madavirya, which translates as the power of passion or the energy of enthusiasm.

Madavor is a world-class media company that produces content across multiple platforms for a diverse audience of passionate enthusiasts and those seeking to take charge of their well-being.


Aviation Division

Madavor Media’s Aviation Division builds on more than 50 years of serving pilots and owners of aircraft with the goal of empowering our readers to improve their knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation. The aviation division serves as the umbrella for Plane & Pilot and the Aviation Education and Training Network.

Creative Division

Madavor Media’s Creative Division offers a blend of unique publications that focus on the art of photography, filmmaking and the craft of writing. Our audience can discover insightful tips, helpful techniques and learn about the tools needed to master their skills.

Enthusiast Division

Madavor Media’s Enthusiast Division includes a diverse group of properties that focus on hobbies and music, celebrating a passion for these interests and the communities that embrace them.

Wellness Division

Madavor Media’s Wellness Division provide’s trusted, practical strategies to empower our audience to manage their health. We strive to offer the most up-to-date information necessary to lead a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.