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Volleyball Magazine’s editor Aubrey Everett profiled Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award winner Kanani Danielson from The University of Hawai’i for the program’s website this past December. Everett has been the editor of the Volleyball since 2010. Volleyball has been covering every aspect of the game since its launch in 1976; Everett carries on this tradition by getting at the dreams and struggles of a talented player in her profile of Danielson.

The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award is given to an outstanding student-athlete in each of ten NCAA Division I sports each year. The acronym CLASS stands for Celebrating Loyalty and Achievement for Staying in School. CLASS Award winners have honored four-year commitments to their colleges, while excelling academically and athletically.

Kanani is a Hawaiian native, who led her volleyball team at the University of Hawai’i to a 31-2 record her senior season. She also volunteers a great deal of her time to local charities: everything from cleaning up the college’s campus to a reading workshop for elementary school children. Kanani believes it is very important to give back. The Interdisciplinary Studies major will graduate in May and hopes to continue playing volleyball overseas.

Read Everett’s full profile on Kanani Danielson.

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May 03, 2012 at 01:28PM gwscott

Hi. Just wondering where you got the notion that your magazine was launched in 1976. It's true there was a Volleyball Magazine in the 1970s, published in Santa Barbara. But your magazine, despite the same name, is not a direct descendant of that magazine, which stopped publishing three years later.

You can trace your roots to Volleyball Monthly, which began in 1982. That's 30 years. It ought to be good enough. Mike wrote a carefully researched piece about the history and importance of the various magazines. It ran late last year. Since references such as yours can last a long time on the web, I'd encourage you to be precise. Better yet, please correct your error. Thanks from those of us who were involved back then and who'd like to see the history preserved correctly. Best wishes.