Have your people talk with our people.

In an increasingly noisy marketplace, being able to target niche audiences and speak with them in a meaningful way is increasingly important, and difficult. Many brands have challenges finding the right voice or even locating the demographics they want to reach. Through Madavor's connections to an array of key audiences, brands can find their people and communicate with them via a range of effective solutions.

Core demographics

Young trendsetters

A young audience of women and men paving the way for new trends across fashion, health, fitness and technology. This audience of tastemakers with buying power is just the type of audience you want to reach.

Sports enthusiasts and athletes

Athletes: Engage our active male/female demographic as they make their buying decisions regarding there active and healthy lifestyle choices.

Sports Enthusiasts: From the coaches to the fans these groups of readers is interested in a wide range of sports and love to attend events, watch and read about the sports they are impassioned about.

Music fans and musicians

Music Fans: Reach this passionate and affluent audience of music lovers who love to purchase all genres of music and listen on all types audio equipment products so they can listen any time and anywhere they want. They are so passionate about their music over 80% of our audience will travel to festivals and events across the U.S. and throughout the world to hear the music they love.

Musicians and Students: Whether they are playing for fun or learning the art of music, this passionate crowd of musicians and students is a must reach for the consumer electronics, education and instrument markets.


Our demographic of active and engaged collectors love to collect various pieces to feed their passion. This mature demographic of readers have the buying power to purchase your collectibles.